Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Serious slacker. LOL

So I had this long post updated everyone on how we were doing and what wee've done that last year since I have been a major slacker in blogging. I'm not writing it again. LOL But here are some pics and I will hopefully keep updating as the year goes.

Eric giving Emma a bath. He thought he was the coolest kid. :)

Eric fell on the bathroom floor and got a jagged cutt that needed 5 stitches. it was gaping ope and so grose. But cool looking. LOL

Yes I did it again. LOL Blew up eggs :) We didn't get Deviled eggs for Christmas. oops!

Our new Baby girl :)

This is Emma a couple days afterr we got her and the white dog is Nelli that we were dog sitting for a few weeks.

LOVE the snow!!!

Alex with Santa :) He was a little embarrased but was a great sport for his brothers.

Logan with Santa. My hansdome man

Tom just humoringthe boys cause he hates the cold. Hahahaha

Ummm yes, I fell on my face at the bottom.

Eric's first time sledding and he totally LOVED it.

Alex has been LOVING the snow and sledding every possable chance he gets.

At the Bravo Co Halloween Party. The boys wanted to carve a pumpkin all by them selves. LOL All I can say is WOW. :)

Just got my new camera and was practicing with all the different settings. This one turned out pretty good I think.

Dad taught Eric that when you do "Man work", it's better when you do it with your tongue out. LOL So he did. This is when they were painting Becka's room.

At the 2010 4-70th Ball

At Eric's Birthday party he was carrying around Emma. He loves our new puppy.

Eric was helping to make the playdoh for his Birthday Party!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Update of the Family

Tom will be leaving for Army Basic Training on Sept 22nd. Really not looking forward to it. At least he got the field he wanted. He's gonna be in the medical field and I'm excited for him to go back to school. He really likes it. It'll just suck with him gone and I'm really curious where he will get stationed after all his training.

I am still doing home daycare and am keeping very busy. I'm glad I'll have all the kids to distract me while Tom is away.

Alex is going into 4th grade this year. He just got back from spending the summer in San Diego visiting his bio Dad and his family. He had a good time.

Logan is starting Kindergarten this year and will be in the afternoon with the same teacher Alycyn had last year. I think he's getting really nervous cause he is on a emotional roller coaster. oh my goodness. He had an appointment at the Shriner's Hospital in Salt Lake City. I love it there. He used to go there every couple months when we lived in Phoenix for his scoliosis. We transferred to a closer place when we moved to Washington and I really didn't care for them so I just transferred him back. The appointment was August 27th and his back measured at 36 deg. Not too bad but worst than it has been for a few years. So we are waiting till we can schedule an appointment to go get another cast put on him and they will make a mold for a new brace at the same time.

Eric is getting huge and WILD!!! He is growing too fast. Told Tom we needed another cause he's not a baby anymore but he didn't go for it. LOL Eric is such a climber and he is I think the most active right now. He is just so curious about everything. It's great.

Uuummmm I think that's about it. Everyone is doing great and excited about our new life with the Army. Well see how it goes. :)

Trip to Salt Lake City

Kind of a long post. Wanted to get lots of pictures in here but narrowed it down to these. :) I had so much fun visiting with friends I haden't seen in way too long. It was great to see everyone.

Sidney and Katie... Like mother, like Daughter :) They both liked the air mattress LOL

Kirsten and me. I hadn't seen her in like 6 or 7 years.

A long day at the zoo. We were there for a whole 3 hours maybe. LOL They are gonna get married.

Eric is being a gentleman and pulling Sidney in the wagon. That's Brayden on the right (Katie's oldest).

Logan and Sidney at the water fountain

Look at how cute katie is.

Emily and daughter number 2. I"m so jealous I don't even have one. :) Samantha is such a chunk it's awsome. Just like Alex was.

Our tour guide, Logan. Kept insisting we go to the penguins (how do you spell that?)

This is such a blackmail picture. I love it.

At the park near Katie's house. We had been learning about Dinosaurs with the daycare so that's one of the first things he went to. LOL

Katie's house had a peach tree and this isn't even half of them. We also got a few apples, zuccini, cucumbers, squash, and everything else was not ready. She has such a green thumb. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wrestle time with Daddy!!

I love watching Tom and the boys wrestle. I used to love wrestling with my Dad. Especially when he'd let us win. :)


This is Alex right before he left to visit Justin in San Diego. He was so excited.

4th of July!!

Not the best picture but I love the fireworks
Rebecka was kind enough to do my hair for the evening. I probably had like 20 little pony tails. Hahahah I don't think she thought I'd realy go outside like that. :)

Look at how cute that girl is??

And how Handsome that man is. Looks a little confused, huh? But still so HOT!! :)

We were in the pool earlier and it was still hot so I left him naked. LOL He had so much fun. A little crazy with the sparklers though.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Funny Story from the Zoo

This is a Gibbon. His name is Bobby. So there was a lady standing there while the guy was talking about not calling Gibbons monkeys cause Gibbons don't have tails. The lady speaks up and sais, 'The black one has a little nub of a tail." And the Zoo worker sais, "Now remember. . . Bobby is a boy." Hahahah She was bright red!! It was awesome!
This is the Porcupine that was in the Gibbons enclosure. It was just strolling along very slowly being admired. . . when out of nowhere Bobby comes sneaking up behind him, grabs a handful of Quills and jumps back. I had no idea how fast a porcupine could run. Oh my goodness. He just took off. It was really funny to see. But sad. Poor porcupine.