Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Serious slacker. LOL

So I had this long post updated everyone on how we were doing and what wee've done that last year since I have been a major slacker in blogging. I'm not writing it again. LOL But here are some pics and I will hopefully keep updating as the year goes.

Eric giving Emma a bath. He thought he was the coolest kid. :)

Eric fell on the bathroom floor and got a jagged cutt that needed 5 stitches. it was gaping ope and so grose. But cool looking. LOL

Yes I did it again. LOL Blew up eggs :) We didn't get Deviled eggs for Christmas. oops!

Our new Baby girl :)

This is Emma a couple days afterr we got her and the white dog is Nelli that we were dog sitting for a few weeks.

LOVE the snow!!!

Alex with Santa :) He was a little embarrased but was a great sport for his brothers.

Logan with Santa. My hansdome man

Tom just humoringthe boys cause he hates the cold. Hahahaha

Ummm yes, I fell on my face at the bottom.

Eric's first time sledding and he totally LOVED it.

Alex has been LOVING the snow and sledding every possable chance he gets.

At the Bravo Co Halloween Party. The boys wanted to carve a pumpkin all by them selves. LOL All I can say is WOW. :)

Just got my new camera and was practicing with all the different settings. This one turned out pretty good I think.

Dad taught Eric that when you do "Man work", it's better when you do it with your tongue out. LOL So he did. This is when they were painting Becka's room.

At the 2010 4-70th Ball

At Eric's Birthday party he was carrying around Emma. He loves our new puppy.

Eric was helping to make the playdoh for his Birthday Party!!!

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